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Finally, it's time to look for the stars that will make Amår 2023 possible!


Do you want to be part of organizing a project that will give you incredible experiences for the rest of your life? Are you ready for a developing challenge that will gild your study time?  As a project manager for Amår 2023, I am now looking for a bunch of committed and initiative-taking stars who together with me can take Amår to new heights!

Find or nominate someone who you think would fit in any of the various positions via any of the buttons below. The last day to apply is March 25. A description of the various items within the project group for Amår 2023 can be found below.  

Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact me via  

I look forward to your application! 

Tintin Kärrbrant

Project manager Amår 2023


As finance manager, you will, as the title describes, have the financial responsibility during the project. This means being responsible for, among other things, budget, outcome and preparation of accounting documents and invoicing. Posten requires an ability to make decisions as well as foresight, communication and cooperation with the remaining parties in the project group. Here, as a person, you should be organized, accurate and advantageous, have a basic knowledge of accounting and like to work with numbers and to have a lot of balls in the air.


As a coordinator, you should have an ability to coordinate and lead different workflows and people as it is a significant role for a project to work smoothly. An important part of the work is to be available and be able to provide information that the project group needs. As a person, you should have the ability to have a holistic perspective, plan, implement, administer, structure and follow up on different tasks as well as the people you work with. As a coordinator, you will, among other things, be responsible for the contact between all associations and book lecturers for both Amår and För-Amår, contact talks and other administrative work and bookings.


As Amår is a labor market day, a large part of it is to create contacts between students and companies, therefore this item is very important to be able to carry out the project. As a company manager, it is your responsibility to get companies to the fair and to have a continuous contact with them during the year and always be available. This item is about selling Amår to new companies but also maintaining good contact with the already established companies. If you are a social and independent person who likes challenges and getting in touch with people but also negotiating, you are perfect for this position.

design manager

As design manager for Amår, it is important that you have a good eye for design, interior design and decoration. This is because you should have the overall responsibility for the appearance of the fair and also certain visual parts. Your task is to plan, decorate and decorate the fair's premises but also the banquet and other events that Amår has, both during the Amår fair itself but also before such as För-Amår. If you are creative, have a sense of detail but also look from a holistic perspective, can have many balls in the air and are cooperative but still self-sufficient, this post will suit you perfectly.

trade fair manager

Trade fair managers are mainly responsible for the Amår trade fair to flow and function. This means planning, building up, preparing and having overall control of the work during the fair day. This post includes, quick problem solving, all the logistics around the fair but also a creative thinking. As a trade fair manager, you should enjoy having a lot of balls in the air and being the spider in the net and having good organizing skills. If you feel that this is right for you, then you are perfect for this post.


As a marketing manager, you are responsible for all promotion and advertising for Amår. This by creating content that conveys Amår's message on various channels to market Amår's events and also other important information. It is important to be able to communicate in a professional way what Amår is and has to offer. If marketing is something you are passionate about and that you are innovative and like to create new approaches, you are the right person for this position. Knowledge of and an interest in graphic design are A and O. Amår's logos, layouts, posters, images, etc. must be of the highest quality so that everything that is published maintains a professional standard. Therefore, it is also good if you have good knowledge of image editing, a good eye for detail and interest in social media.


The banquet manager's main task is to arrange the banquet that is held in the evening after the Amår fair. The position as banquet manager includes many different work steps and above all to give us all a fantastic end to both the fair day and the whole of Amår. This post requires planning, structure, creativity and openness to suggestions and new ideas. If you like new challenges, are driven, innovative, cooperative but proactive and like to organize festivities, you are excellent as a banquet manager.


In the position as sponsor responsible, you are responsible for all of Amår's sponsors, therefore you need to be a good salesman who can convincingly sell Amår for possible sponsors. Your main task as sponsor responsible is to make the sponsors realize advertising and marketing values that Amår can provide in the form of exposure opportunities but also that Amår is sponsored with what is needed, both on pre-Amår and on the day of the fair. As Amår has events during Amårdagen itself that would be impossible without sponsors, this is a crucial post and very important. If you are open and social, passionate about challenges, possess many ideas and a good communication ability, I think you will enjoy this post.

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