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Let us present this year's lecturer, VOLVO CE


Volvo Construction Equipment in Braås is the center for the development and manufacture of the world's best dump trucks. We invented the concept more than 50 years ago, and even today we are at the forefront of innovative and sustainable transport solutions for the future!

We are a committed team of more than 1000 employees who truly believe that courage and teamwork together with advanced technology make a difference. We have high ambitions and our goal that we have set in line with Scinece Based Targets is net zero emissions throughout the value chain by 2040. It is a real challenge, but it drives us forward to think and act in new ways.

We need more engineers in automation, software, hardware design, production technology and purchasing and more. We offer degree projects, project work, extra jobs and permanent employment.

Build a better future with us!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Volvo  for the opportunity to work with you as the main partner in 2021. Feel free to go in and look at the summer jobs that Volvo offers by,CLICK HERE

Do you want to read more about Volvo and your opportunities for an inspiring career? Then make sure to follow Volvo on their social channels. 

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