Exhibitors 2020 

The exhibiting companies that will participate during the fair, Amår 2020, is presented below. You as a student will have the possibility to create new contacts and valuable relationships that can provide you with job, extra job, internships etc. Only you set the limits. 

To make it easier for the students to navigate and integrate during the fair we have created a system. You will have the opportunity to get a keychain with a specific color that will represent your faculty. The colors will be shown on the companies booths and explains which faculty that is relevant for that company, in order to make it clearer for both students and companies.


Remember that this is just a recommendation of what kind of students the companies are looking for. All students are welcome to integrate with all companies. 

Faculty of Art and Humanities 

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Teachers

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Health and Life Science

Faculty of Social Science

abetong logga.jpg

HSB is an organization that works for you and your neighbors to live well. A single organization where everyone can participate and decide. Where the profit does not go to shareholders, but back to the accommodation. We work for a secure economy, pre-climate smart properties and for a housing environment that makes everyday life easier and life richer.

HSB has been working since 1923 to create good housing. And now we need you and your skills.

We want to develop together

We constantly strive to be better, both as a company and as a workplace, and that is when our employees develop. We have a large in-house training program. Good employment conditions, collective agreements and market-related salary linked to goals and results are a matter of course.

You also get a great deal of freedom under responsibility at work and we always try to help balance the existence between work and leisure.

Do you want to develop good housing together with us?

Find vacancies or submit a spontaneous application here; https://www.hsb.se/sydost/om-hsb/jobba-hos-oss/    

Imagine a modern society without concrete. It's an almost unreasonable thought. Concrete is safe, and durable and resists the climate's future pressures. Reinforced concrete is the world's most widely used construction material. It is used for all types of construction work and is a robust and good building material with many advantages.

At Abetong we love concrete and have for many years been able to build up a great knowledge of factory-made concrete elements.

Our goal is to help our customers build sustainably with minimized environmental impact. Today, we are one of the country's leading companies within prefabricated concrete elements and concrete-based solutions.

With us you can, for example, work as a designer, project manager or salesman in any of the following market areas; housing and industries, agriculture or plant. We have a turnover of around SEK 1.3 billion, are approximately 550 employees in several locations in Sweden and are part of the German group HeidelbergCement.

Follow us on social media or visit our website, abetong.se. But above all, a warm welcome to our booth.

Our heritage has its roots in the dense forests of southern

Sweden long before the era of digitalization and inverters.

Hydroware as a company was founded on the idea of a

unique product that takes the modernisation of hydraulic

lifts to a new level. Since this idea, we’ve come a long way. Today, thanks to our ingenuity, long-time combined experience and the ability to move with the times we’ve become the market leader with potential to change. This is a responsibility that we take seriously. Our industry must move faster into circular economy and we won’t give up until we’re there. Sustainability is an aspect of everyday life and we think that lifts should be used over several generations. This is nothing new for us. Since more than 20 years we design, manufacture and sell high-tech drive and control systems for hydraulic

lifts. Thanks to the strong focus on energy and resource efficiency along with the unique characteristics of our products, we lead the development of longterm sustainable lift solutions. We supply robust and open systems that can be modernized several

times and given a very long life time.

Skärmavbild 2020-01-26 kl. 16.19.06.png

ANDRITZ AB in Sweden is part of the global ANDRITZ Group with 28 000 employees. We supply process and service solutions to the process industries. In Sweden, a major part of the business is towards the pulp- and paper industries. To these industries, Andritz provides complete and highly specialized expert knowledge within both process and technological areas as well as regarding fiber and wood technology. A large focus is on developing processes for an increased efficiency and less usage of resources such as energy. New development of products and materials based on forest resources is another important area. 

In Växjö is one of the global product centers located, from which technical development, global sales and execution of large projects are handled. All offices in Sweden is handling local sales, service and technical support for our customers. 

ANDRITZ in Sweden has today more than 250 employees with offices in Växjö, Örnsköldsvik, Karlstad, Iggesund, Sundsvall Norrköping and Stockholm.

bergbuss - logga.jpg

The corporate group of Mekka Traffic is in the heart of the subsidiary Bergkvarabus, which was established in 1975 and is today one of the largest actors in procured in regular traffic, school transport traffic and charter traffic. Our position on the market is strong and is based on that our foundation lies in that we are entrepreneurs with a solid economic basis and continuous economic growth. Today we have about 2.300 employees and we have an annual turnover on ca. 2.7 billion in SEK. Our headquarter is located in Kalmar.

The entrepreneurship can be reflected in our business in which we have an integrated service organization. This is carried out by our parent company Mekka Traffic AB. The corporate group consists of several companies that carry out bus traffic. Mekka Traffic AB is today owned to 60% by the European infrastructure foundation CUBE II Transport S.á.r.l. and to 40% by the corporate groups' founder, Göran Mellström.

logga - NIBE.jpg

NIBE Industrier AB has its registered offices in Markaryd, in the south of Sweden. NIBE currently employs 17,500 people and has annual sales of some SEK 24 billion. NIBE Industrier consists of three business areas: NIBE Element, NIBE Climate Solutions and NIBE Stoves, all engaged in product development, manufacturing and marketing. The product range: tubular and foil elements, heat pumps (ground source, air/water), comfort ventilation, water heaters, accumulators, solar panels, different types of wood-burning stoves & inserts and chimneys.


From the deep forest of Sweden we have spread our culture and values over the world. IKEA was founded in Älmhult 1943 and our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people, which includes our co-workers, our customers and all people involved in our business. The IKEA products is a combination of form, function, quality, sustainability and low price – what we call Democratic design. In Sweden and in Älmhult we offer work opportunities in the entire value chain from idea to selling the end-product to customers.

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23 000 experts in 89 countries. 300 employees in 15 offices in Sweden. Specialists in audit, accountancy, tax and advisory services. We are Mazars.


We are an international organisation with local presence and a wide range of clients in several different industries. Service, commitment and accessibility are key words that guide us in our daily actions.Together with our clients we build sustainable relationships, find solutions to their challenges and support them on their business trip. We create shared value. We are passionate about sustainability, equality and the idea of creating the workplace of the future for our employees!


Do you want to know more about us, apply for an internship or become part of our team? Visit: www.mazars.se and feel free to follow us in social media!

EAB is a family-owned company based in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. We operate within three product areas: storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. Unique for us is that we work with the entire chain from design to production and assembly. But above all, we are 250 committed employees at EAB who are well prepared and ready for the future!

Would you like to join us on our continued journey forward? At EAB you will have the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally in an exciting company with strong beliefs within the future.

Are you perhaps at the end of your education as an engineer and do you have an interest in engineering?  Then we think we can offer you exciting opportunities in your career.

We are looking forward to see you the 4th of March.

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Eniro has been making a difference in the community for over 100 years. Our history dates back to the late 1880s, and already back then we were all about connecting people. As the digital society is growing, so are we. Eniro is evolving from helping people and businesses get found online to managing their whole digital presence. Our vision is to become the most popular one-stop marketing shop on the market. For this, Eniro offers partnerships on the largest leading sites, including Google, Facebook, Bing and our own Local Search sites. Today we are the digital marketing partner to over 80.000 companies in the nordics. Building connections between people, businesses and locations is the very core of our brand. Do you want to be a part of our journey?


Softhouse develops digital business, software and people and delivers value quickly and continuously through agile working methods and competent employees. Softhouse was founded in 1996 and was one of the first companies to introduce Agile methodology in Sweden. Softhouse offers Agile software development and consulting services in IT, software development, leadership and coaching. Softhouse has approximately 200 employees distributed at the offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Växjö, Jönköping and Sarajevo. In 2019, the Group had a total revenue of SEK 250 million sek. 

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Lidl is one of Europe's largest retailers and now the first stores are officially open in North America. Lidl is represented in 30 countries worldwide and currently operates over 10,500 stores and more than 150 distribution centers in 28 countries. Here in Sweden, we opened our first store in 2003 and now we have about 200 stores. We are still growing, and always looking for new colleguaes!

Curious about our jobbopenings, our oppurtunities or maybe Lidl in general? If so, feel free to pass by, and have a chat with us!

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Are you looking for a job where you can make a difference for other people? Is it important for you to develop and contribute to the development of society? Maybe you want to become a leader and aim for a managerial job? The opportunities are with us in the municipality of Vetlanda. Our employees work in more than 350 different professions, all of which play an important role in making everyday life work in society. Vetlanda is located between Jönköping, Växjö and Kalmar. We are Smaland's highland trading center, here is the proximity to trade and service. We have a leading business sector, with several internationally exciting companies. Association life is active, we have sports at the elite level and there is a great non-profit commitment. The countryside looks much like Astrid Lindgren's fairy tales and many smaller towns have their own collection points. The community is strong. We usually say that Vetlanda is easygoing. With us there is time, and opportunities, to make more of life. Welcome!

We have a mission - to create the future for all of Sweden's small businesses 
Since 2001, we have freed up time and streamlined administration for thousands of small businesses. 
Fortnox was first out with cloud-based accounting and is today a leader in the area. But we're not going to stay there. 
We are on a historic journey and we want you to be a part of it.
We know that each employee's unique qualities and engagement are our most important resource for our development and survival. 
Without curiosity and the open working climate, our success would not be possible.
If you want to join and continue to create the future for Sweden's small business owners, Fortnox is the right place for you.


What is it that makes you fall in love? It is about that warm, fuzzy feeling and of course a big cup of that little extra charm… That is why it is so easy to fall head over heels in love with Sölvesborg. We have got everything from chalky white beaches and sea to meadows and cobblestones. 

The municipality of Sölvesborg has around 1 300 employees with different occupations within child and education administration, the care administration, the municipal management administration and the community buildning administration. 

Sölvesborgshem is a real estate coperation, owned by the municipality, with around 1 400 rental apartments in the area of Sölvesborg. Here you can find work within real estate development, customer service, communication and economy. To improve our customer serivce digitalizing is an area we are focusing on. We manage exisiting buildings as well as develop and plan for new projects.

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Sweden's most local recruitment and staffing partner

OnePartnerGroup is a Swedish-owned group with a unique, holistic business concept. We are a reliable partner that offers you assistance with recruitment, staffing, training and smart production solutions, enabling long-term growth and profitability.

Our presence in over 50 cities gives us Sweden's most locally-connected network. We have 2500 employees with solid expertise.

How may we help you?


The Saft Group is a world leader in research and development and the manufacture of high-tech batteries for industrial, communications, space and defense applications. Saft has been owned by the Total Group since 2016 and has more than 4,300 employees at 14 factories.

At Saft AB in Oskarshamn, there are currently about 500 employees. There is an international product development department as well as parts of the Saft Group's global sales and marketing department. 99% of the factory's production is exported. In 2018, the company had sales of just over 1.4 billion SEK. Read more at www.saftbatteries.com.


OBOS is one of the largest housing developers in the Nordic region. In Norway, we are member-owned, with 470 000 members, and in Sweden we will also establish a membership program in 2020. Here in Sweden, we operate through our brands OBOS, Myresjöhus and SmålandsVillan, as well as through our sister company OBOS Kärnhem. In 2019, we built homes in 168 of the country’s 290 municipalities, and we are proud that industrial building in wood – which is both climate-smart, cost-effective and resource-efficient. At OBOS we take a stand for gender equality, among other things by recruiting more women into the building industry, but also through our investment in OBOS Damallsvenskan. We also work actively to get more young people into the housing market through their own owned housing.

We attend Amår 2020 to tell you what career opportunities that are available at OBOS, for example for those who have an education in construction engineering. At OBOS, we handle the entire process from land acquisition, to project devlopment, design, sales and marketing. This means that you can make a career trip with us, and that the first step of the journey may be to come to our booth. Welcome to hear more and ask us your questions – we look forward to meeting you!


Leo Vegas King of Casino - LeoVegas is the premier GameTech company and is at the forefront of using state-of-the-art technology for mobile gaming. A large part of this success can be credited to an extreme product and technology focus coupled with effective, data-driven marketing. 

Technology development is conducted in Sweden, while operations are based in Malta. LeoVegas offers casino, live casino and sports betting, and operates two global and scalable brands – LeoVegas and Royal Panda – as well as a number of local brands. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. 

HRM Software markets software that helps organizations to plan, manage and develop their key asset – human resources. HRM’s target is to offer innovative and personal solutions with a high level of accessibility based on modern technical platforms and enabling efficient everyday work within HR- and Payroll processes, as well as improving our customers’ competiveness. HRM offers several exciting career opportunities in development, business consulting, project management, testing and customer support.

nju .jpg

Serneke is the next generation construction company operating in construction and property management. The company was founded in 2002 and is already one of Sweden's largest construction companies. We offer the same assurance and knowledge as market leaders, but with more energy, dedication and a more modern approach. Through our projects, we want to contribute to the positive development of society, safe residences and common places for activities, recreation, relaxation and health.

We are a nice group working together to create a sustainable future. With four municipally owned companies, divided in five functionalities, with approx. 130 employees who assign common goals we work to provide the inhabitants of Sävsjö and Vetlanda with the best of services within our functions. Included in our trademark is the main electric grid, electricity retail, waste management, water and sewage and fiber optics.

Innovation and professionalism are important to us. We view our coworkers’ various backgrounds, personalities and qualifications as an important factor to success. Cooperation makes for sustainable solutions in, and between, our functionalities.

Environmental work is a natural part of our every day, as is a focus on a safe and secure working environment.


With over 90 years of experience, we work consciously towards a sustainable and fossil-free society. All of our products are developed and manufactured in the Småland region of Sweden. We offer a wide assortment of products, such as ground source heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps, pellet boilers, wood boilers and a whole lot more.

We trace our roots back to 1923, when we began to heat Swedish homes. We are best known for our green boilers, which have supplied heating to millions of households all over Europe. We were the first company to offer heating boilers with built-in hot water heating and we were the first to introduce air-to-water heat pumps. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that we have developed the industry.

CTC is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heating products. We are located in Småland and we are – along with Bentone, Turboflame and Osby Parca – a part of Enertech AB, which sells products across the globe.

We stand for peace of mind, quality and sustainability!

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Manpower - A staffing company that is passionate about helping individuals and companies find each other. We give you Sweden's widest selection of jobs - whether you want to work as a hired person or want to be recruited to another company. Maybe it is we who have your next dream job? Whether you want to be one of our fantastic employees or recruited to one of our clients, looking for a full time job or extra job as a student, you are welcome.

 With knowledge of the driving forces and needs for both business and student, with great local commitment and personal care, we create contact and build relationships between those who want and those who can offer. Through the WeSupero app and the Student Booklet, we communicate exclusive and competitive discount offers to students. We are driven by creating valuable relationships between students and business. We believe that better relationships with business and industry during the studies contribute to a meaningful working life. Our collaborations are based on an effort to make the student life better. That is why we also publish a student and career magazine aimed at people at the beginning of their careers.


EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. We’re working in a digital world, where EY provides confidence to clients, boards and stakeholders through every angle of transformation, delivering quality services that help them grow and protect their business, and build a better working world. Through our deep understanding of new technologies and innovation, professional judgment, and human insight, EY inspires confidence in the capital markets and helps leaders seize the upside of disruption. That starts with a culture that believes in giving you the training, opportunities and creative freedom to make things better. Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime. And with a commitment to hiring and developing the most passionate people, we’ll make our ambition to be the best employer by 2020 a reality. Find out more about what EY can offer at ey.com/se/karriar, in social media and through our blog, karriarbloggen.ey.com.


Our four initials stand for one of the worlds leading companies within auditing, taxes and consulting. With us, the possibilities are open to those who wants to develop, gain international experience and make a career out of the ordinary. Look behind the letters when you are searching for your future workplace. Don't just choose us as a company. Choose us for who we are are as people and what kind of values we have. After all, you are going to be a part of filling the letters with content. 

We are visiting Amår to meet talented students. Take the opportunity and talk to us during the fair to get to know us better and what we can offer you. Remember to be briefed about us and show interest when you meet us and other companies at the fair. 



Eurocon is a technical consultant company who operates in the sectors pulp and paper, mining, biochemistry, chemistry, energy, engineering, infrastructure, food and pharmaceuticals. Our services cover the entire life cycle of an investment. Studies and project implementations that streamline both new investments and existing installations for our customers. Our specialty is new construction and rebuilding/upgrading projects where we perform feasibility studies, pre-projects and implementation projects. We are today around 250 employees with the ambition to grow. Welcome!



With a firm belief that every person and community should have access to the best possible care, Getinge provides hospitals and life science institutions with products and solutions aiming to improve clinical results and optimize workflows. The offering includes products and solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular procedures, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing and life science. Getinge employs over 10,000 people worldwide and the products are sold in more than 135 countries.

We would like to meet students studying technical and/or economical program. Warm welcome to visit our stand at Amår!




Deloitte is the largest private professional services providers in the world, with access to the intellectual capital of approximately 312,000 people in over 150 countries worldwide. Deloitte is a fully integrated professional services organization providing the broadest range of Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal, Consulting, and Financial Advisory services to all sectors and geographies. We put together teams with relevant local and global expertise and experience to provide clients with customized solutions. We are growing and always looking for talented coworkers, apply now to be a part of our journey!


ONE Nordic is the leading supplier of technical services, maintenance services and contracting services in the energy and manufacturing industry in Sweden .With our nationwide organization and local knowledge, we take responsibility for and deliver high-quality services and solutions to energy producers, distributors and energy users. 

We have the best expertise in the market for developing, building, modernizing, optimizing and maintaining customers´ facilities. We work with the largest players in the industry, and together we develop high-tech and sustainable solutions. ONE Nordic has around 1000 employees in Sweden and our headquarters are located in Malmö.




ProfilGruppen is a Swedish supplier that customize aluminium extrusions and components. Our headquarter and our production facilities are located in Åseda, about 5 miles north of Växjö. Currently we are about 460 employees that work after our core values personal dedication, speed, responsiveness, professionalism and continuous improvement. 



We are one of the Nordic region's largest advisers in community planning and planning. We work with holistic solutions that contribute to our customers' value creation and success. 
Every year we perform a big one number of assignments for municipalities, government agencies and private businesses, both nationally and internationally. Our breadth of collaborating specialists gives us an advantage that ensures that we can perform different tasks with varying content and size. 
In the corporate group we are approximately 3800 employees with offices and assignments worldwide, of which more than 770 employees work in Sweden.



Yaskawa Nordic, with 160 employees, is located in the heart of Torsås. Here we have created a high-tech hotspot that delivers leading technology solutions to automate production worldwide. The excellence meets the down-to-earth ambition that characterizes the countryside and makes things happen.

There is a strong loyalty to the products and the company in our culture. We are used to being first with new technology. Innovation and mechatronics are our soul.

We are part of the Japanese YASKAWA Electric Corporation, a world-leading robot manufacturer with over 400,000 MOTOMAN robots installed worldwide. Our innovation power has given Småland a gold pin on the world map of world-leading robotics technology, automation and manufacturing. Our success is based on the fact that we work closely with the customer and are adaptable to their needs. We deliver quality, provide good service after installation and ensure that the customer's plant is in top condition - year after year.



Länsförsäkringar Kronoberg is a locally based and customer owned company that originated in 1801. Our market is Kronoberg County and as a local company we put a lot of effort in understanding our customers’ needs and conditions.

The relationship with our customer is important. Our goal is not to earn as much money as possible; it is to offer affordable products with a high service level.

If we end up with a positive result, money will be paid out to you, as a customer and part owner, either as a payout or via lower insurance costs. 

1996 we established our bank service and a few years later we also opened a real estate broker. We are now complete, a financial warehouse for safe insurance and healthy, economical solutions. 
We are 125 employees in Växjö, Älmhult and Ljungby that make sure that every day life is safer and better for all people that live and act in Kronoberg County. 

Länsförsäkringar offers banking and insurance services to private persons, companies and farmers. We are close to you and we keep all of your insurances, savings and finances under one roof.




At Visma we are one step ahead! 

Visma is one of Europe's most expansive tech groups. We are passionate about making our clients' businesses more efficient and targeting all types of companies and businesses. Our solutions and services are used by associations, small and large companies, public companies and the accounting and auditing industry. We are not just talking about digital development - we are leading it!

We are always looking for new talents who want to join and bring Visma forward. With us you grow, both professionally and as an individual. You get to work in a fast-moving and friendly environment with a great opportunity to influence. We are convinced that commitment is created through challenges, security and flexibility!

At Visma you can work with systems development, IT project management, consulting, finance, sales and marketing. For students or graduates, we offer everything from exciting full-time services to Management Trainee programs and Summer Internships.


That's why we're at Amår

We would love to talk more with you who are still studying and are curious to know more about Visma. For us, it is just as obvious to make more efficient business for our customers as it is to create a workplace where everyone thrives and develops together. Our employees are our greatest resource and share our common values: respect, reliability, innovation, competence and team spirit.

At Visma you have room for innovative thinking and proactivity, you have the opportunity to grow, develop, take responsibility and create a balance between work and leisure.



Welcome to Region Kronoberg

 In Region Kronoberg, responsibility for areas contributing to regional development throughout the county is gathered. Health care dominates the business.

Other responsibilities include; public transport and infrastructure, competence and education issues, environment and climate, community planning, innovation, business development, international issues, public health and culture.

We are one of the county's largest employers with about 6,000 employees. In the county there are two hospitals, Växjö and Ljungby, 33 health centers, 15 public health clinics, habilitation, rehabilitation and legal and general psychiatry. Region Kronoberg is located in the middle of Småland. We are one of the smallest regions in the country, but when it comes to results and quality we are often among the foremost in national comparisons.

The good life in Kronoberg

 Our county is known for glass and furniture, forests and lakes, red cottages, Ikea, Christina Nilsson and Carl von Linné. But Kronoberg is much more than that. Here, for example, there is a thriving music life and a rich cultural life that offers something for everyone: theater, museums, art and film. There are many opportunities for outdoor life, nature experiences and sports.Kronoberg is located in the middle of an entrepreneurial region with small businesses and enterprise. Here is creativity, faith in the future and life force!

Moving services

Region Kronoberg offers newly moved employees moving services, that is, a number of services that will make it easier to establish themselves as new residents in Kronoberg. Read more at http://www.regionkronoberg.se/jobb-och-utbildning/jobba-i-region-kronoberg/formaner/ 


Next Stop Gothenburg is a collaboration between some of the most innovative and exciting companies in Gothenburg. We have joined forces to show you the amazing career opportunities that await in Gothenburg after graduation.​Come to our stand and meet with representatives from AstraZeneca, Volvo, Zenuity, Essity, Dentsply Sirona, Wellspect, HiQ, Serneke, Arcam and many more​. Don't miss out on the unique chance to win a trip to Gothenburg for our Career Weekend.


Student in Vision Vision is one of Sweden's leading trade unions and has about 195,000 members, both students and those in working life. A membership is about one thing. That you get the most out of your student life and future working life. Right now you can join for SEK 100 and this applies to your entire study time at vision.se/blistudent member. Your first professional year also pay SEK 100. Welcome to Vision! vision.se/blistudentmedlem



PwC Sweden is the market leader in auditing, accounting, and tax and business advisory services. We have approximately 45,000 customers comprised of global enterprises, large companies and organisations, SME’s and the public sector. We have 34 offices and 2,800 employees in Sweden. We guide our customers and help them achieve their goals,  regardless of which phase their business is in.

PwC Sweden is operated as an independent legal entity. We are included in the global network PwC that has 250 000 coworkes in 158 countries. This gives us an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences globally and together develop sustainable solutions for our clients.



Da Vinci Management & Engineering AB is a consulting company focused on the manufacturing industry that offers services in Project Management, Product Development and Production Technology. We are currently 20 employees and have our headquarters in Kalmar, but we have the whole world as our field of work. We have experience from assignments in Asia and Europe. Our customers are, among others, Scania, Bombardier, OKG Nuclear Power Plant, Epiroc and Norden Machinery. We are looking for engineers mainly in mechanical engineering, industrial economics and electrical engineering. If you are a student we can offer extra jobs and thesis writing. Are you about to graduate as an engineer? We offer a good start in your career with a varied job as a consultant.

Swedband logga.jpg



Swedbank has its roots in the Swedish savings bank movement, whose history dates back to 1820. The closeness to the customer and the local community has been in focus ever since the start. Swedbank is behind the values ​​that we should be simple, open and caring. In everyday life, this means, among other things, that our services and advice should be understandable to everyone and that we keep what we promise. Our customers should always be confident that the advice we give is based on the customer's best and not just our products.   We visit Amår partly because we want to be an active part of society on the basis that the university is an important part and we want to be part of its development. We also visit Amår to find new employees who are given the opportunity to work during their studies and who may eventually lead to jobs in Swedbank

scania logga.jpg



One of the most modern cab factories in the world

Driving the shift towards sustainable transport system 

Scania is a global company with operations in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eurasia. Scania's vision is to be a leader towards a sustainable transport system. Our way of working is based on three focus areas of energy efficiency, alternative fuels and electrification, as well as smart and safe transport. 

Scania Oskarshamn is Kalmar County’s largest private employer, and we manufacture cabs to Scania’s European production. 

Scania has made big investments in Oskarshamn’s plant during recent years. The investments has resulted in even higher technology and automation level, which makes the cab factory one of the most modern in the world.

Competence is one of our key issues. Do you want to be one of our future employees? Curious about our student programs and career opportunities? Come and visit us at Amår! 

Scania - a world of opportunities

serkon logga.jpg



Serkon is a consulting company that offers financial administration services to the public sector.



Växjö municipality is the region's largest employer with approximately 7,000 employees who work to provide the best possible community service to the residents of the municipality. Our mission covers everything from elderly care, social services and school to ensuring that water and roads work. We have almost 250 different professions in the organization, so there are good opportunities to find your dream job here. 

 We visit Amår as the municipality grows and we are approaching 100,000 inhabitants, which means that we need to employ more competent, committed and motivated employees in order to be able to continue to deliver community service and urban development that meets the needs of the inhabitants.

frejs logga.jpg



Accountants and consultants – we are what we do.


Frejs Revisorer AB is a personal firm with extensive experience within the auditing and accounting industry. Frejs is a great team of 65 colleagues distributed in offices in Gothenburg, Smålandsstenar and Stockholm. We are big enough to possess specialized competencies within the company but without losing the personal relationship with our clients. We specialize in owner-controlled operations and offer effective audit process, IT-audit, financial services, accounting and tax. Our clients operate in a variety of industries and you will be able to work close to the clients from the very beginning. We are proud of our culture and together we have created “Frejsandan” which is characterized by commitment, team spirit and transparency between all employees, which allows you to be one with the organization from the early start. 

We always put our clients in focus and take great care of our client relationships to develop long-term and close collaborations with all of them, big and small. Together with our “Frejsanda”, we have commitment in our DNA and we know that it is crucial in order to deliver a good job and to really enjoy what we do. We visit Amår and Linnaeus University as we know from previous experience that students here have a good and stable foundation to be successful in the profession and as colleagues at Frejs.

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Staying at Elite Hotels should be something other than just entering a hotel. We want to provide a total experience and convey a sense of tradition, quality and flair. Elite Hotels of Sweden is Sweden's most classic hotel chain and today consists of more than thirty quality hotels from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north. Each hotel has its own history and special character. You usually meet us in unique and carefully renovated buildings. Our ambition is to combine classic style with modern trends and create a memorable hotel stay. Inspirational meetings, grand events, successful conferences and congresses. With us there are modern premises for all occasions. Confer in inspiring environments and enjoy delicious meals and top-notch service. The group also includes the pub chain The Bishops Arms, which today has 40 pubs in established locations around Sweden. Open 365 days a year. We want to present ourselves and give a taste of what Elite Hotels can offer with all our fantastic offerings, both for students and for exhibiting companies. With 5000 employees in the Group, we have many good opportunities to offer students jobs in different cities. There is also the benefit of meeting other companies and seeing the value of a fine network that AMÅR provides.

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Rejlers offers technical consulting services that create value for customers in the areas: energy, buildings, telecom, industry and infrastructure. By bringing together experts with different competencies, we develop innovative, business and sustainable solutions. We do this with everything from feasibility studies and planning to design, construction, planning and project management.

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Akademikerförbundet SSR has about 72.000 members all over Sweden. Approximately 12.000 of those are students.

We take a clear stand on political issues that concern our members, albeit as an organization we are decidedly non-partisan. Our efforts are focused on employment, working conditions, the labour market and education. Additionally we have a vested interest in issues relating to professional development for our members, and their opportunities to conduct professional work.

Akademikerförbundet SSR works in the interests of its members and in support of democratic and equal society; where everyone must have the right toa secure job with qualified tasks and a non-discriminatory working environment.

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Capgemini is a global organization with over 200,000 employees in more than 40 different countries, making us one of the world's leading suppliers of management, technology and outsourcing services. Together with our customers, we create Capgemini's business, technology and digital solutions that meet customers' business needs and enable innovation and competitiveness.

Through the top-ranked IgnITe Graduate Program for junior consultants, Capgemini offers a customized development path and helps juniors grow from Graduate to a fully developed consultant. The program runs over 18 months in parallel with work at the client and through the different career paths that the program provides, the training is adapted to your particular role.


Värmevärden ​​is an energy company that delivers district heating to homes, industries and premises. The business is located in 10 municipalities in Central Sweden and we have a total of about 90 employees - all committed to a safe and secure delivery to you. Heat values ​​as a company were created in 2010, but our operations have long experience of district heating, from the mid-1960s onwards. Since March 2017, the company has been owned by an infrastructure fund managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Investors in the fund are mainly pension funds, which provides security in ownership as the focus is on the long term. In several of our networks there is a close cooperation with the industry in the locality, in this way we can use residual heat from the industry to heat homes and premises, an environmentally friendly and efficient method to utilize the earth's resources.



Combitech is an independent technical consulting company and part of defence and security group Saab AB. We have a Nordic base, but we also work with our clients internationally. Combitech is growing both organically and through acquisitions, and we have almost 1,900 qualified consultants in some 30 locations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We offer high delivery capacity and a wide range of specialist skills and concepts to clients operating in manufacturing, the service industry, public sector and defence.




Vöfab is a municipal real estate company that owns and managesfacilities such as schools, preschools, offices and public stadiums forcultural and/or sport events within the city of Växjö. We own approximately 130 properties in varied ages and levels of quality. During the last 10 years we have gone from being a strict real estate company to also being a notable developer. There are many exciting ongoing construction projects on ourproperties, and more are planned in the future. Varying from entirely new buildings, additions to buildings or renovations of existent buildings. 
An average of 30 000 people, of varying ages, visit our properties everyday. Our goal is therefore to create environments were people can growthroughout their life. 

Property management is teamwork, and there are a lotof different professions within our company. Everyone is needed, and togetherwe complete each other. During the next couple of years we will need to recruitpeople for many different positions, mainly because of retirements.

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Semcon is an international technology company specialised in product development. Our focus is always on the end user and the reason for this is simple: the person who knows most about the user's needs creates the best products and the clearest benefits to humans.

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IV Produkt is a privately-owned company based in Växjö in the Swedish county of Småland that develops and manufactures innovative solutions for air handling. We have been doing this since 1969. We are market-leaders in the development and production of air handling units. This position was achieved by having the highest rate of development in our industry. We offer high quality and innovative products that make it possible to recover energy and create a good indoor climate. This has been our philosophy for many years, and has created great success for us with an average growth of 12% over the last ten years.

It is important that our employees thrive, have fun and feel proud to work at IV Produkt. As a privately owned company, we work from a long-term perspective and strive to create a good working environment where every individual has the opportunity to grow. IV Produkt has expanded rapidly in recent years and we are always looking for dedicated and skilled employees. Do you want to be involved in developing IV Produkt?

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Management of Growing Enterprises (Matix), a one-year master's programme, 60 hec
Management of Growing Enterprises (Matix) is a unique education as well as an strategic resource for SME's in the Gothenburg area. Students at the one-year master program Matix get a very solid foundation for their future careers. During their time in the program they spend half-time at a growing company and thus gain a clear advantage compared to other students of business administration. The internship is focused on preparing different kinds of strategic materials for the management to use in their decision making.


IST is Scandinavia’s leading edtech company. For over 30 years, we have played a foremost role in building the schools of tomorrow and a future in which everyone learns more. With modern and smart solutions and services within administration, learning and scheduling, we help schools in meeting their digital challenges and making the workday easier and more efficient for all – including students and teachers.

  IST is active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany,      with its head office in Växjö, Sweden. The company has        nearly 400 employees, many with backgrounds as school    managers, teachers, administrators or pedagogues. This      gives us a unique knowledge and understanding of the       challenges and opportunities that schools are facing. We     believe everyone has the right to good schooling and that   we shall contribute to its achievement.  Read more   at www.ist.com



The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers welcomes you to our unique network of 153,000 members spread out across all industries.
As a student member, we can prepare and provide you with the adequate tools that you will need in order to commence your professional career as an engineer. We can help you with; perfecting your CV and cover letter, reviewing your LinkedIn profile, and provide your with interview training with our business partner, Poolia. You may also access our Salary Statistics DB so that you know what you are worth. Our legal department are experts at reviewing your employment terms and conditions – this includes your final thesis agreement. As a member, you may always consult them prior to signing your contract agreement. Regardless of your question, or request, we can always provide you with the adequate consultation and support.  Welcome to our booth to start your life as a graduate engineer with us!


Jusek is the leading trade union for academics and University Graduates of Law, Business Administration and Economics, Computer and Systems Science, Personnel Management, Professional Communication and Social Science. We strenghten your competitive edge and support you throughout your career. Become a student member for 100 SEK for the entire duration of your course.


Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar trade union in the world. 

We have 660 000 members, of which 30 000 are elected representatives, in over 65 000 companiesand organizations. Unionen has members in everything from major international Groups to small family companies. Our vision is to create security, success and satisfaction in working life.

As a Unionen Student member you are entitled to our services which aim at making you better prepared for the working life. We help you with your CV, prepare you for job interviews and advise you on matters regarding labour laws, employment contracts and salaries.

Please note that if you plan on starting your career in a company outside Sweden, we recommend you to join a local union, as we only represent salaried staff with Swedish employers.

Interested? Learn more on https://www.unionen.se/in-english and become a member! 


Aspia is a leading actor in accounting, payroll, tax and business-related consulting with 1,450 employees in over 70 offices in Sweden and presence throughout the Nordic region. We believe in making difficulties simple, on efficiency, on change, knowledge and to be present where our customers are.

Aspia is the obvious choice for young people looking for their first job and for experienced experts who want to take a step further in their careers. Ideas and individuals grow with us in an inclusive, fun and creative environment and at Aspia we want you to have the best time in your career!

Willo is a constantly growing Swedish family firm. Since the beginning in 1956, our operations have expanded every year, and today we supply precision parts to industries and companies throughout large parts of the world.

Our business concept is ”Willo shall be the market-leading supplier of small, complex critical parts”. In order to achieve our operational targets, we use the term Willoprecision – a no-compromise quality, based on high quality – in everything we do.

From Växjö, centrally located in southern Sweden, we supply leading industries with top-class precision parts. We have customers in four segments: Medtech, Energy, Industry and Mouldtech.


NKT has pioneered the cable industry since 1891, and today we are still proactively meeting the world’s constantly growing need for power. We achieve this with our unparalleled energy transportation expertise and cost-effective manufacturing at the highest technological level, and with the regeneration of the environment in sharp focus. NKT is a global and recognized provider of turnkey AC/DC power cable solutions with headquarter in Denmark. Karlskrona is the location for our high-voltage cable factory, together with R&D and a world leading test laboratory.



Water challenges are escalating around the globe, placing people and communities, our environment, and our very future at risk. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity. Xylem is a leading global water technology company working to solve the important water issue by creating advanced, innovative and smart technology solutions that meet the world's needs in water, wastewater and energy. 

Developing new technologies that will improve the way water is used, conserved, and re-used in the future is central to our work. Our products and services move, treat, analyze, monitor and return water to the environment, in public utility, industrial, residential and commercial building services settings. 

Xylem also provides a leading portfolio of smart metering, network technologies and advanced analytics solutions for water, electric and gas utilities. Xylem had in 2018 17 000 employees and an annual revenue of $5.2 billion. 

The productions site in Emmaboda is the largest within Xylem. There we produce wastewater pumps, mixers and drainage pumps. About 150 000 pumps is produced every year from this site. Research and development of this products is made at our R&D office in Stockholm. 

 If you are excited and passionate about helping us solve water, come talk to us at Amår!

Bravida brings real estate to life - around the clock, year-round. We do this with the help of thousands of employees who install and maintain functions for electricity, heating and cooling, water, ventilation and safety. Things that ultimately should work.

We are professionals in installing and rebuilding technical systems for electricity, plumbing, ventilation and security in all types of properties and facilities.

We also help with the operation and maintenance of technical systems for electricity, plumbing, ventilation and safety. Everything that makes your property safe, profitable, environmentally smart and attractive. At Bravida there are great opportunities for those who want to learn more, develop in their career or try something new. We believe in your ability to find your own way!


Experis is a consulting and recruitment company specialized in finding skilled people in IT, technology, finance, leadership, but also marketing, sales and HR are important parts of our business. We are looking for talents who want to take the next step in their careers. By combining our industry experience with our knowledge of the candidate's potential, we gain both talent and business to grow and develop. Experis is available in around 50 locations in Sweden and in more than 50 countries around the world and is part of ManpowerGroup.

IT development is progressing very fast and today's IT specialists want to be part of the development. Personal development ranks high on the list of criteria that characterize an attractive job offer and flexibility in terms of working hours and location is also a high priority. At Experis IT, we are experts in IT specialist competence and can offer a platform for our clients, consultants and candidates to their next step of development.

At Experis IT, we run four selected areas of expertise with the aim of creating an interesting offer for customers, employees and candidates. This allows us to be up to date on trends in various IT competence areas, and we can also better understand what motivates the new era of IT specialists.


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