Project Leader Amår 2021 

Now you can finally apply for or nominate Project Leader for the year 2021!

Amår has for many years been a very appreciated working fair with many different events organized by students for students, with the purpose of creating exclusive opportunities in the search for the dream job of the future. As a Project Leader, you have the primary responsibility for the planning and implementation of Amår. 

Therefore, as a person, you should be dedicated, purposeful, have good organizational skills and a high simultaneous ability. It does not matter what education or association you belong to as long as you are a team player with a commitment to the project and a willingness to motivate your future project group. Your first task as a Project Leader is to put together the project team that together with you will run and organize Amår 2021!

Apply or nominate a person latest 3/2-2020 that you feel may be suitable as a Project Leader.

I look forward to your applications!

Kind regards,
Tove Emilsson,
Project Leader Amår 2020



Linnaeus University 

Universitetsplatsen 1

K-House floor 2

351 95 Växjö

Organisation number:



Amår - Work Fair 2020 - Linnaeus University, Växjö