The Project Group of Amår 2021 consists of students that are studying on Linnaeus University which is located in Växjö. The Project Group is responsible for the planning as well as the execution of the fair. Every year there is a new Project Group that will create a unique version of Amår. 


The Project Group of Amår 2021 is proudly presented below and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

project group 2021

Ellen Wetterholm

Project Manager

Ellinor Larsson

Marketing Manager

Filip Bramell

Business Coordinator

Linnéa Eriksson

Business Coordinator

Jacob Eriksson

Business Coordinator

Alexander Östlund

Sponsor Manager

Elin Nyberg Nordström

Fair Coordinator

Simon Warfving


Marketing Manager

Sofia Dahlgren

Joel Tidlund

Sponsor Manager

Jakob Bertilsson

Fair Coordinator

Hilda Karlsson

Banquet Coordinator

Nathalie Lager Andersson

Banquet Coordinator

Frida Norrman

Design Manager

Viktor Johansson

Financial Manager


Linnaeus University 

Universitetsplatsen 1

K-House floor 2

351 95 Växjö

Organisation number:


Amår - Work Fair 2021 - Linnaeus University, Växjö