M1088 NCC

4 mars

kl. 10.30-15.00

Many people claim that they are better at FIFA than ordinary men, but how do you really know that you are the best at Linnaeus University?


You sign up with a friend and compete during Amår for the title of Linnaeus University's sharpest FIFA team and have the chance to win nice prizes such as sweaters from ciszere, drinks from the naia initiative and gift cards at knock em down. On Wednesday, March 4, the competition starts in M1088 NCC.


All students at Linnaeus University are welcome to send an email to, with the following content:

- portrait of both competitors.

- team names.

- names of participants.

- which club team you want to play with.


The tournament contains 16 teams, four teams with four teams in each group where the two best teams from each group advance to an end game. It is FIRST TO APPLICATION that applies when it comes to registrations, so do not hesitate to register your team right away and secure your place for this incredible tournament!


As an extra spice there will also be a bar from Redbull where competitors and visitors can have a nice time between the matches and replenish with energy!


The application closes on 23 February at 13.00. All teams and groups will be presented on Monday, March 2. Of course, it is FIFA 20 that applies to the Xbox!


For questions, contact



Linnaeus University 

Universitetsplatsen 1

K-House floor 2

351 95 Växjö

Organisation number:


Amår - Work Fair 2020 - Linnaeus University, Växjö