Lecturer 2020 

During the fair that takes room the 4th of March you have the chance and are more than welcome to attend an inspiring lecture. This year we have the honor to present Tobias Karlsson as this year's lecturer!

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IKEA-hall, N-house

50 SEK

4th of March

10.30- 11.30 am

Life is not just a dance on roses


An inspired lecture with the dancer, choreographer Tobias Karlsson. A story about his life and he shares his experiences about what it is like to feel excluded in school, lie to yourselve and not fit in and about everyone's equal value. During this lecture Tobias will share his thoughs about a difficult time with bullying and homosexuality and how he finally found himself, the freedom and the strength to never give up something you love and keep on dreaming. Inspired by how Tobias lives his dream - and how you can live yours!


Linnaeus University 

Universitetsplatsen 1

K-House floor 2

351 95 Växjö

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Amår - Work Fair 2020 - Linnaeus University, Växjö