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As a company host, you will act as the project group's intermediary and provide the company/companies with both the information and practical stuff they need. In order to perform the job as a company host in the best possible way, we would like you to be communicative and service-oriented. In addition to getting personal contact with one or more exhibiting companies and being responsible for their experience of Amår, the role of company host is also merit if you apply to Amår's project group in the coming years. You as a company host may also be responsible for more than one company.


What else do you get as a company host? You are invited to the crew mingle together with the other company hosts and our creware where snacks and entertainment are offered. During the fair, you are offered breakfast and lunch at the castle. As a company host, you will also receive a discounted banquet ticket so you can attend and celebrate our grand final in the evening.



Last registration day is on the 3rd of February!

Do you have other questions about the role of company host? Do not hesitate to contact one of the company managers:, or



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